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Pets on your wedding day

Pets on the wedding day sometimes garner more attention than the couple – so be prepared to have everyone fuss over your furry friends!

Here are some ways to include them on the day to make them feel a part of the occasion:

  1. Include them on the invitation or save the date

  2. Include them in the family photos

  3. Dress them up for the occasion

  4. Have them walk down the aisle (also depends on how behaved they are – not recommended for cats!)

  5. Have them stand at the altar

  6. For the groom – you can have their image in embroidery on a pocket square

  7. When you have been married send your pup down the aisle to congratulate you

  8. If walking down the aisle, make the leash out of beautiful greenery and flowers

  9. Consider having your wedding favours a donation to an animal shelter

  10. Have your pet’s face as a photo booth prop

  11. Showcase your fur-baby as a cake topper

However you coordinate your pet being involved on your day will be special and a reflection of how much they mean to you.



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