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Love Lock-down – how to handle postponing the nuptials.

We all know someone either close to us, or a friend of a friend or family member who has had their wedding postponed because of lock-down either once, twice, three times or even four. Planning this day is such a huge part of any couple’s lives – so what do you do when you are asked to postpone?

Some lovers are rushing to wed and others are waiting to organise another date. The most important thing to remember is you will do what is right for you. Chat with your venue and suppliers, see what dates or options are available and go from there.

I attended a wedding after several postponements. The bride, an incredible designer who thought of every detail for the day was determined to have the celebration she had always dreamed of. It was moved - unfortunately - due to the first lot of restrictions, postponed again during the second lot and finally came to fruition in March of 2021 – just after the third lock-down. Leading up to the big day, when I say the couple were biting their fingernails it is not exaggeration! The day came, we danced, partied and absolutely had the best time. It was the first time anyone had seen each-other in such a large setting in almost a year. This is a silver lining – your celebration, if you have a large one and want to postpone, will be the event everyone was waiting for.

I also attended a (virtual) wedding where the bride and groom were both eager to get married and decided to celebrate their wedding on a separate date. This was during the second lock-down of June 2020. We could still have 5 people in our homes, so we put on a fancy cheese and wine board and watch them get married on our screen when they were only 10 minutes down the road. We had a great time – even though we weren't with them in person - it was so beautiful to see them get married. As the bride was going to have family from overseas, they decided they would celebrate their reception when her family can fly into Australia. It was also very comical to be drinking and cheering during the ceremony from the comfort of our couch – something I will probably never do again in my life!

The point of this blog is to make the decision that is right for you. It’s not about what is more important – the marriage or the celebration. Don’t let others influence your decision too much because at the end of the day, it is between the couple and what is right for them.



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