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Melt your partner's heart by writing a letter on your wedding day.

For some of us, writing a card or letter comes naturally and effortlessly. For those of you who may struggle finding the words and how to put your thoughts to paper, here are some tips on writing that perfect message for your special someone.

1) Choose a card or letter

How much do you think you will write? Choose a card or letter depending on the length of message you want to write. If you are a quirky couple, get a design that relates to your relationship specifically – you can find quirky and funky cards on For letters I would recommend looking at Kikki K for some beautiful letter writing kits.

2) Content

You can begin by opening with a joke or pun – something to lighten the mood. Once you have started lightly, move into what you hope the day and the marriage will bring followed by the reason why you are marrying your fiancé. Have a think about what your promises for the future are – what is important to you and what will you promise to do? You can also add a memory such as meeting for the first time, when you knew you fell in love etc. Always include little details that is specific to your beautiful relationship that no one else would understand.

3) When/how to deliver it

Ask your spouse's best man/maid of honour to deliver the letter once your spouse has finished getting ready. Make sure to capture this on film to remember the moment they read your words of love as it makes the video and moment so special.



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