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A soulmate is someone who knew you, accepted you and believed in you before anyone else did.

In this vast universe, through an endless amount of possibilities, with an infinite number of stars and galaxies, you found each-other.

That is pretty special. Let's capture that love on film.


With over a decade of experience in wedding videography, you can be confident in our ability to deliver a wedding video highlighting the very best bits of your big day.


Bellatrix Films will capture your special moments without you even realizing we are there!


Natasha & Katie Wedding Film
Jess & Nath Wedding Film
Rebecca & Andrew Wedding Film
Yennie & Quynh wedding film
Marie & Mark wedding film
Amy & Eran wedding film
Olivia & Dave wedding film
Marie & Marc highlight film

Candid Wedding Films

Jenessa & Justin Wedding

Real Moments,
Boutique Wedding Films.

Made in Melbourne, we create real, candid wedding films capturing all the emotions on your big day.

A silly moment, dad’s first glance of your wedding dress, Grandma dancing, the groom trying to fight tears off while his bride is walking down the aisle and surprise moments yet to happen - all captured on camera for you to relive and share with your loved ones forever.


All of these beautiful unscripted moments will be captured by our non-invasive videographer who will seamlessly blend into your day and deliver a candid and impromptu memento for you to treasure. And your video package comes together on an engraved USB for you to keep on your mantle piece.


Our wedding videos will achieve something photography cannot – the ability to relive all of the emotions of the day with an adorable song to really tell the story about your relationship, your declaration of love and your special, unique connection.


The big day flies by so quickly - one minute you are reading your vows, then before you know it, the DJ is calling last song of the night - all we want you to do is enjoy yourself, bask in the grandeur of your day and let us worry about your premium wedding video.


We want you to be relaxed, happy and free to soak in your special day so that your wedding video can be something you will love 50 years from now with a giant smile on your face and a tear in your eye.

Natasha and Katie wedding

"We are both in tears watching it. You couldn't have captured it more perfectly!"

| Jacqui & Daniel |


Rebecca & Abdrew wedding

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